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Static Solutions, Inc. introduces Ergo-Stat™ ES-7000 ESD Sole Grounders
The ultimate combination of an ESD anti-fatigue matting and an ESD grounder/shoe. The only ESD matting you can wear!
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BM-3516 Bench Block Ground with 4 mm Studs and Strap Dock. Find out more...
Class Zero™ CW-9900 ESD Cleaning Wipes
ESD cleaning wipes used to clean delicate components, no abrasion, no static generation, low tribogeneration, and high absorbency. Learn more...
Press Coverage from U.S. Tech:
ESD-Proof Rubber
ESD Journal Seal of Approval has been awarded to Static Solutions Inc. for its Ultimat™ Static Dissipative Work Surface Two Layer Rubber
Ohm-Cide9001 is the industry’s best and longest lasting topical antistat. This product makes non-dissipative materials dissipative, cleans and also prevents dirt attraction to surfaces, especially electronic equipment.
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VPI Recommends Static Solutions AF-6800 To Replace Discontinued Glaze
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Static Q & A...
Did you know that temperature and humidity affect resistivity and needs to be factored into your ESD testing?
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The Dangers of Parabens
Combination Data Logger Tester

The CT-8900 Combo-Tester tests, measures, and records wrist straps and foot grounder data individually and simultaneously. In conjunction with a computer, it displays and records the exact resistance values of each shoes and wrist strap individually and separately in Ohms for up to 30,000 employees (expandable). Conforms to EOS 20/20, EPA specification.

The CT-8900 outperforms the competition with these unique features...

Fast - 3 seconds with no switch flipping or foot changing

Most Accurate - Automatically and simultaneously tests wrist and heel grounders

Configurable - Resistivity limits are adjustable

Eliminates cheating

Automatically emails reports

Accepts magnetic stripe, barcode, Motorola, Indala , HID, HID iClass, Casi-Rusco, AWID etc. ID cards as well as keyboard entry

Complete with user-friendly software, this unit is the most accurate and thorough combination-data logger available on the market. Ideal for EOS 20/20 class zero and RoHS specified areas

Oracle, Excel, and Access compatible!

...and we'll customize it to fit your facility at no additional charge!

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The Ohm-Stat™ RT-2000 is a complete 20/20 Audit Kit that includes the RT-1000 Standard Resistivity Tester and FM-1125 Field Meter
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The Ohm-Stat™ RT-1000 Standard Resistivity Tester now includes an ESD conductive chair testing electrode, earth ground probes, and garment clamps to conform to EOS/ESD 2.1 standards with no additional fees!
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The Ohm-Stat™ RT-500 Megohmmeter measures Surface Resistivity using parallel electrodes and concentric rings. Tests Resistance To Ground (RTG), Resistance Between Two Points (RTT) and Volume Resistance using two 5 lb. 2.5” disk probes.
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ESD Safe Products for Production, Static Control, Cleanroom, Static Testing, Data Logging and Sanitary Maintenance
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