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CM-1700  Constant ESD Monitor
CM-1701  Constant ESD Monitor
CM-1702  Constant ESD Monitor
WS-1020  Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap
WS-1037  Metal Expansion Plastic Encapsulated Wrist Strap
CB-9900  Calibration Box
Ultimat™ Static Dissipative Work Surface

Spray Buff

CM-1701 Guardian Plus Constant Monitor

CM-1700  Constant ESD Monitor
CM-1702  Constant ESD Monitor

  • Tests person and mat
  • LED and buzzer
  • NIST calibration included
  • Works with all single wire capacitance wrist straps
  • CE mark
  • Can be calibrated
  • 110 volt AC
  • Meets EOS S.20.20-2007 specifications
  • Ground document included




ESD Safe Products for Production, Static Control, Cleanroom, Static Testing, Data Logging and Sanitary Maintenance
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