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FS-8900  Floor Stand
Foot Plate for CT-8900/CT-8700 alone or with FS-8900
WS-1020  Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap
WS-1037  Metal Expansion Plastic Encapsulated Wrist Strap
FG-7010  D-Ring Enclosure Heel Grounder
FG-7020  Elastic Hook and Loop Enclosure Heel Grounder
FG-7040  Elastic/D-Ring Enclosure Heel Grounder
FG-7030  Disposable Heel Grounder

Combination Data Logger Tester

Deluxe Combo Data Logger Tester Kit

Data Sheet (PDF)

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Calibration Instructions (PDF)

Casi-Rusco Instructions (PDF)

Data Logging Software (ZIP)

The CT-8900 individually and simultaneously tests, prints, stores, and e-mails each wrist strap and heel grounder resistivity value in less than 3 seconds. Used at manufacturing companies internationally and domestically, it offers adjustable limits, exact resistivity readings, unique report generation groups, versatile networking options, an expandable employee log of 30,000.

It accepts magnetic stripe, barcode, Motorola, Indala , HID, HID iClass, Casi-Rusco, AWID etc. ID cards as well as keyboard entry. Complete with user-friendly software, this unit is the most accurate and thorough combination-data logger available on the market. Ideal for EOS 20/20 class zero and RoHS specified areas.

  • Once or twice per day employee failure exception reports
  • Monthly, daily, entire log
  • ESD training certification expiration
  • Employee attendance/vacation

Logs are easily imported into spreadsheet/database programs

  • Accepts and displays international dates/times
  • Software and employee information can be password protected
  • Able to prevent unauthorized entry without proper ID/ESD certification
  • Can be upgraded to allow electronically locked doors to open, or bells to ring, when users pass a test

CT-8900 - Combo Tester with Footplate and Stand

CT-8950 - Combo Tester with Barcode or Magstripe Reader

CT-8960 - Combo Tester with Footplate, Stand and HID Reader

CT-8970 - Combo Tester with Footplate, Stand and Casi-Rusco Reader

CT-8925 - Combo Tester with Footplate

CT-8920 - Combo Tester with software only

HR-8000 - HID/CASI RUSCO Reader with power supply and special stand

BC-8950 - Bar Code or Mag Stripe Reader

FP-8755 - Base Footplate, Heavy Duty

CT-1000 - 1000 Meg Upgrade for CT-8900 Tester

  • ISO-9000 conformance no more log books
  • Results automatically entered into computer
  • Automatically stores results for 15,000 employees
  • Includes ESD protection test log software free upgrades forever
  • CE mark, NIST listed
  • Tests heel straps and wrist straps in 3 sec individually and simultaneously
  • Bar code, mag stripe, proximity meter available
  • Results can be emailed and/or networked
  • Door open relay available
  • Adjustable limits
  • 9 volt battery or 110/220v powered

Don't need data logging? Check out the low-cost CT-8700 Combo Tester without computer interface.




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