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  • Lenard Cohen

Welcome To Static Solutions

Static Solutions, Inc. is a proud manufacturer of static control, cleanroom, and maintenance products headquartered in Hudson, MA.

Distributed domestically and internationally, Static Solutions has the worldwide presence to satisfy the most distinct ESD need.

Founder Lenard Cohen, 1944 – 2018, was a major influencer in the ESD industry for decades. Len worked at Polaroid and on their groundbreaking SX-70.  As the co-founder of Plastic Systems (now ESD Systems), Lenard was part of the many technological developments that have shaped the static control industry. He was a multi-patent holding inventor and helped to design and formulate many of the products now considered industry standards.  He founded Static Solutions in 1996 and built the company into a worldwide provider of anti static products.

Static Solutions is a manufacturing company based on innovative product, customer service, and a competitive pricing schedule. Armed with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team, Static Solutions is the leading source for ESD, Cleanroom, and Maintenance products.


Giving back, generosity, philanthropy, it all boils down to opening of ones heart.

At Static Solutions we’ve had a connection to rescue dogs.

Ingrid Cohen started fostering dogs nearly a decade ago and one foster, Moxie a puppy pit bull, soon became an ‘accidental adoption’…a foster that she just couldn’t give up.

Moxie became a fixture at Static Solutions and Lenard was more than happy to have him at the office and talked with customers and distributors about Moxie on a regular basis!

Sadly Moxie passed away in 2017 but his heart and spirit lives on with our dedication to give back to other pit bulls and to Live Life With Moxie!

We have long given time, money and resources to help pit bulls but we know by speaking positive about it we will have a greater impact.

Part of our commitment will be to promote and share dogs that are available through Ingrid and Mark’s work with PittieLove Rescue.  When they are fostering a dog you’ll find pictures and bios of the dog on our site and if you are looking to adopt a dog you’ll also have the opportunity to visit us here at Static Solutions to meet the current dog being fostered.

We encourage and support others with their own acts of generosity.  If you or your company is interested in giving back to this planet that we are blessed to inhabit we are happy to speak with you about how you can create a program at your workspace to make a difference.

Who Is Static Solutions

Static Solutions is committed to the innovation of ESD products for static control, cleanroom and sanitary maintenance. We are leaders in the static control industry with over two decades of experiences with a worldwide presence delivering timely and affordable solutions to our global customers. Our products and designs have become industry standards for quality and safety.

Static Solutions strives for a workplace of excellence by empowering employees to have a respect for ideas, foster educational and vocational advancement while working in a diverse environment. We consider our employees family and create a safe and creative place in which to work.

Static Solutions is a manufacturing company that provides competitive pricing, unique and innovative products and designs, along with knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer service team. We strive for global excellence.

Ingrid Cohen ESD

Ingrid Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Dillon

Chief Marketing and Operations Officer

Katrina Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Katie Kellemeyer

Customer & Technical Support Leader

Daniel Kenney

Lead Warehouse Worker

Lenard Cohen

Lenard Cohen

1944 – 2018


Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor

To provide ESD safe products for Production, Static Control, Cleanroom, Static Testing, Data Logging and Sanitary Maintenance.

Static Solutions strives to be an industry leader with knowledgeable and well-trained staff who offer our customers and distributors exceptional products and innovative designs by maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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