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  • a resistivity tester top view of the RT-1000 megohmmeter for anti static and esd testing of surfaces with a digital readout megohmmeter
    • RT-1000 Measures resistivity RTT, RTV, and RTG 103 - 1011 ohms/sq., ohms, ohm-cm
    • Relative humidity 10% - 90% RH
    • Temperature 32oF – 100oF
    • Digital display: easy to interpret
    • NIST calibration included
    • Includes chair probe, garment clips to measure smocks, earth ground checker, 5-pound resistance probes, cords and power cord.
    • Resistivity probe built in the bottom of meter
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • CE mark included
    • 1 year warranty
    • Made in the USA
      What's Included The kit includes, two (5) lb probes, coil cords, hard carrying case, battery, 110v or 220v adaptor, garment clips, chair probe, and ground circuit tester
  • RT-500 ESD Meter RT-500 ESD Meter
    • Range: 103– 1012 ohms -100% accuracy
    • Measures resistance/resistivity, RTT, RTG and volume resistance with accessories
    • Automatic zeroing and power shut off
    • CE approved
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Automatic voltage range selector
    • Small, lightweight - 2.6”x 5”x 1.2” (6.5 x 113 x 3cm), 8.4 oz. (233 g)
    • LED display color indicates range
    • Low battery warning light
    • LED display
    • Case included
  • Overview The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat™ Digital ESD Field Meter has an LCD/ bar graph digital display, a 9 volt battery, focus ring range finder and an industry first microcomputer circuit. The Ohm‐Stat ™ FM‐1126 conforms to the RoHS, S.20.20‐2007 specs, CE, and comes with a calibration certificate. Applications include: measuring polarity and intensity of static charges on parts in ESD sensitive areas and assembly lines. It is also used to install ionizers and to inform supervisors when cleaning and balance adjustment is required. “You are powerful!  Be grounded.” Highlights
    • Now with an ionizer probe attachment
    • Indicates voltage and polarity
    • Digital display is updated every three seconds
    • Non-contact
    • Power on/hold and zero buttons
    • Easy to read 3.5” LCD display
    • Range: 1-20,000v
    • 1” spacer bar
    • 9v battery
    • Case included
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Checks for class zero conformance
    • NIST certificate included
    • Made in the USA
    What’s Included:
    • Field Meter
    • Carry Case
    • 9 Volt Battery
    • 104-109 ohms test range
    • Power not required
    • NIST traceable certificate included
    • Tests all manufacturer brands which has banana plug to 3.5mm cords
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Cords supplied
    • Made in the USA
  • Overview The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat™ Calibration Box CB-9500 is for use with either the Static Solutions Ohm-Stat™ CT-8700, the CT-8900 so that you can perform your own NIST certified calibrations.  Can also be used for range verification on constant monitors The calibration box itself must be recertified after 1 year to still be in compliance for NIST certification testing. “You are powerful!  Be grounded.” Highlights
    • Includes NIST certificate
    • Tests all electrical ranges
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    What’s Included:
    • Calibration Box
    • Test leads included