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  • Complete Download of the CT-8900 software
  • or the Newest Update of the CT-8900 software

What’s Included:

  • Link to download the version of software you need


  • Currently available for download from this site only to US and Canada locations.  If you are in other countries please email for a direct link: [email protected]  Include your company name, address and the serial number for your meter (the serial number is located inside the battery compartment space.)


The CT-8900 software is updated for improved function, compatibility and to increase security features.  To maintain your ESD tester working at its very best download your CT-8900 software today.

When Lenard Cohen first announced the CT-8900 the industry took notice and several tried to duplicate his invention.  But like so many things, the original is still the best and as computers improve so should the software so we are committed to always working to lead the way with the Deluxe Heel Grounder & Wrist Strap tester by making sure the software delivers results that provide you with the most detailed information.

If you currently have software version 10.0+, select the Newest Update (10.63s)

If you have a software version prior to 10, select Complete Download and follow the instructions.

You will receive a direct link to download the software at checkout.

The most recent software version will be listed here and once you complete a checkout you will be emailed when future updates take place.

In addition to your software be sure your meter is properly calibrated.  The ESD industry standard is a yearly calibration.  Calibrations are available by us for all the meters we make.  We offer both a standard calibration or a calibration with before and after data.  Click here to schedule yours today.

This software is only useful for the CT-8900 and does not offer any benefits if you do not already have the meter.  If you’d like to purchase the very best data logger heel grounder & wrist strap tester click here.

“You are powerful!  Be grounded.”

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Newest Update, Complete Download of Software

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