Wrist Strap and Cord

We did a special run of wrist straps for a one time order

and have extras that are being offered at a

special price of $4.97…and that price includes the coil cord!

WS-1020S ESD Wrist Strap Sale Special Value Static

Save 50% on 40′ rolls of ESD rubber mat

During our warehouse reorganize when we moved

we came across several 40′ rolls of ESD rubber mat material

of discontinued colors;

Beige, Forest Green & Sea Mist Green.

Since we no longer offer these colors

we slashed the price to

quickly move the rolls out so we can free up space…and you can save 50+-%!

Save Now

ESD Mat Kit

When inspiration strikes

don’t let static slow you down.

ESD Mat Kits starting at $69.97.

ESD Mat Kit Soldering grounding