FREE Shipping on Clean Room Mats and Rolls

United Static Control Products is offering

FREE Shipping on

Static Solutions Clean Room White ESD Mats and Rolls.

Save 50% on 40′ rolls of ESD rubber mat

During our 2017/2018 warehouse upgrade and reorganize

we came across several 40′ rolls of ESD rubber mat material

of discontinued colors;

Beige, Forest Green & Sea Mist Green.

Since we no longer offer these colors

we slashed the price to

quickly move the rolls out so we can free up space…and you can save 50+-%!

Save Now

Save 5% On ESD Tray Liners at QSource

Each mat is 16″ x 24″ and is available in

Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Grey and White oh my!

Order 1 – 10,000

Select The Best Size For Your Needs

The Static Solutions ESD bags are the ideal

choice for storing your sensitive materials and products.

ESD Bags, Static, Circuit boards

Wrist Strap and Cord

We did a special run of wrist straps for a one time order

and have extras that are being offered at a

special price of $4.97…and that price includes the coil cord!

WS-1020S ESD Wrist Strap Sale Special Value Static

ESD Mat Kit

When inspiration strikes

don’t let static slow you down.

ESD Mat Kits starting at $69.97.

ESD Mat Kit Soldering grounding

ESD, Mat, Constant Monitor

ESD, Mat, Constant Monitor

ESD, Mat, Constant Monitor

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